The Shrink Next Door

Main Titles for AppleTV+  by IF (

“Marty just wanted to live a better life, he had been robbed of his life by a psychiatrist he visited for help. He realizes the evil deeds of his doctor who has eroded and destroyed his life for more than 30 years.”

I had a great opportunity to create these style frames with an amazing team IF. In episode 4, I created the table set up based on an 80s formal banquet setup. Food texture is done by Jessica Ramirez. In episode 5, I created the picture assets for the frame scene. In episode 7, I remodeled the typewriter and stack of the paper and textured models. In episode 8, I designed the shape of vines, frame stains, and textures and modeled the hanger on the wall.  

creative director: karin fong
producer: keith bryant
designer/animator: fernando lazzari
designers: rob slychuk, kathy liang
compositor: jason dunn
editor: lexi gunvaldson
design interns: kayley wang, cathy xiao, jiyoung choi
design support: merrill hall, brandon savoy, jessica ramirez
head of production: melody alexander, ryan burcham
coordinator: jake kirk
storyboards: tyler gibb