From Korea to LA

When I visited Korea two months ago, I felt the rareness and beauty of Korea, which I didn't realize when I was young.
I decided to capture Korean beauties with my eyes and photos for my next project.

Under the theme of "From Korea to the United States," my self-promotion project wanted to draw a journey for me, born and raised in Korea, to move to the United States to take on a new challenge. I wanted to fill the work with elements that feel the most Korean since my motherland is Korea.

The video begins with the opening of a mother-of-pearl cabinet in my grandmother's house. Five colorful balls merge into one and go on a journey. Several American TV shows (America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, and Gordon Ramsay show) I watched when I was a child are spread on the screen as pieces. And of the pieces suddenly turns into the landscape of LA. This is because the TV shows I watched often as a child has influenced me to come to the US. And the video ends as the ball rolls on the logo.

Modeled and Animated in Cinema 4d
Rendered using Redshift


Initial Storyboard