It's been almost 3 years since we suffered from COVID-19. Many things have changed due to COVID-19. It destroyed our lives and everything we took for granted. Many things have changed and we were exhausted from it. Everyone gets sick of this virus!!

However, we really want to move on to the next chapter!

I want to describe this covid situation in an artistic way to make the audience empathize with this project.


Hands-done style

: Since this project is focused on humanities, I wanted to explore with hands-done clay style.


Chapter 01 

: Contagious

Corona spread around the world with its rapid infectious power, and people around the world were hit hard by it. I wanted to express visually how fast infectious power eventually eats the Earth.

Chapter 02 

: New variants

We are working to eliminate COVID-19 through various methods such as vaccines. However, as soon as we think we have conquered the virus, strains appear.